Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for TAURUS 

Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 into the sign Scorpio will have a noticeable impact on you as Saturn is going to move into your 7th house the house of relationships for approximately 2½ years. These are some generalized predictions which can be expected during this period.

Taurus Moon people have planetary support to look for a change in jobs or get into new profitable ventures through their partnership business. There are possibilities for you to gain through your father’s side or paternal side.  You need to plan your investment to avoid loss.  You may get supports through your friends and loved ones during this transit period. Academically you may experience some hurdles and especially those who are in the higher studies. Don’t rely on your friends or subordinates. You need to concentrate well on academic activities to maintain good scores. Those who are in the age group of marriage or peoples who are for a partner for a long period will find auspicious moments during this transit period. Don’t get annoyed even though if you don’t get supports from your loved ones or from your friends. You need to maintain good personal relationship with your partners or spouse to avoid stress and disagreements. Avoid suspicious advices in order to overcome from financial losses.  New job seekers will get through their interviews and are likely to place well in their position but you need to put hard work in achieving that. During this transit period your decision making ability will get improved. Those who are in the partnership business will be getting good wealth gains during this transit. You may find high potential to make good bondage with your spouse, friends, partners and colleagues. You may be having instable mind which will relieve your peacefulness. You may get support from your in-laws or from your spouse. Avoid lethargic attitude in your work front. A long travel with your loved ones is on the cards. Don’t stand guarantee or sureties for others you may land into troubles. Be cautious while arguing and also avoid wordy duals with your partners or with your spouse. During the course of the transit you will get more energy which will make you to be active. Some may get hike in their emoluments or promotions. You need to pay more attention towards your spouse health. Some wealth gains through speculations are on the cards.


  1. Hanuman Homa once
  2. Lord Rahu Homa once
  3. Lakshmi Dhana Akarshana Homa once
  4. Ganesha Homa once