Significance Of Masi Magam

Masi Magam is the day of hostility and forcefulness falls on Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi is the fourteenth Lunar day (waxing period of a moon). This celebration is a celebrated year on year when Magha (Magam) Star falls in accordance with the Brightening Moon, imbue high persistence, conjure positive ascribes to life. Customarily this day is favorable for everlasting spirits and progenitors who travel to earth in insubstantial structure to wash up in the sacrosanct waters to clean their transgressions and sins of mankind.

Lord Shiva is the decision divinity of Cathurdashi, is the lord of decimation, one who frees mankind profoundly to achieve Salvation. This day is propitious to accomplish the gifts of Lord Shiva from past sins and karmas. When a childless King Vallala has no relatives, Lord Shiva did a confirmation, that he will do his keep going rituals, showed up upon the arrival of the lord’s demise and did the last rituals. Such an incredible day and Lord Shiva additionally guaranteed divine gifts to the individuals who take a heavenly plunge on this day will be honored with freedom from the infinite cycle. In like manner, all Navagraha’s took the endowments of Lord Shiva by genuine Meditation is honored with Graha Pad and Deva Pad, as a shelter. All Navagrahas are the supporters of Lord Shiva and each Navagrahas have set up each a Shiva Linga’s under their names, as they are likewise been governed by Lord Shiva.

Significance Of Masi Magam

During the event of a renowned Indian stream goddess to be specific River Narmada, River Cauvery, River Godavari, River Krishna and so forth. Fans will come and get endowments from Lord Shiva by rejuvenating and repurified by cleaning up in heavenly waterways like Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswathi and so on. In the wake of washing up, aficionados will go to the Kasi Vishwanathan Temple and they accepted evacuates past birth sins.

In the northern bank mandapa, there is an engraving of Tulapurshadana, an act of gauging oneself against gold. The service is seen during different conditions such as equinoxes, initiation of a period and its consummation, shrouds, and Makara Sankarati .

The function is typically acted in consecrated spots like sanctuaries, streams and tanks. The measure of gold in this manner weighed is circulated among meriting men.

The tank is the most significant part of Masi Magam. Be that as it may, it is situated in Kumbakonam over the banks of the River Cauvery. The tank and the sanctuaries are spreads across 20 sections of land while water pools are spreading across 6 sections of land. It was worked by Ragunathan Nayak who was the most extravagant man in Thanjavur. The tank is encompassed by 16 mandapams and the named as Lord Shiva and 21 wells are encompassed inside the tank.

Benefits Of Masi Magam

  • Expels Kalasarpa doshas, Bless early marriage.
  • Ousts sins and karmic impacts in a horoscope, favor delight and bliss.
  • Favor childless for a child, expel doshas.
  • Favor wealth throughout everyday life brings serene life.
  • Purge an essence.