Cancer horoscope 2017


The symbol is crab which is the 4th in the zodiac sign. Cancerians are home loving, sensitive, emotional, emphatic, family oriented, peace loving, blessed with instinct, intuition, love travelling, traditional, lovers of community activities, patriotic, demonstrative, emotional, expressive, shy, sometimes moody, very artistic, creative, possessive, reserved, admirable, compassionate, generous, understanding, gracious, intelligent.

Profession suited for them are art, sales, media and performing arts. They are generally miser. They are great in romance. Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and pisces natives make good life partners.

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Characteristics: Cold, Phlegmatic, Feminine
Ruling planet: Moon
Symbol: Crab
(The Symbol denotes: Possession, retention and nurturing. It is also symbolic of motherhood.)

Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl
Birth Colours: Blue, and Silver
Other Lucky Colours: White, Silver, Smoky Grey, Silvery Blue and Green
Lucky Day: Monday
Associated Flowers and Plants: All White Flowers – White Roses, Acanthus, Lilies and Water Lilies
Quality Most Needed For Balance: Mood Control
Deepest Need: A Harmonious Home and Family Life
Anatomically Cancer corresponds to: Breasts, chests, stomach, pancreas and thoracic duct; breast bone, the ribs that are nearest to the stomach; muscles between the ribs, muscles used in breathing; diaphragmatic arteries; mammary, gastric, gastro-epiploric and diaphragmatic veins.

Positive Qualities: Patience, Tenacity, Domesticity, Kindness, Devotion, Versatility, Adaptability, Patriotism, Sociability and Maternity.

Negative Traits: Untruthfulness, Unpredictability, Sentimentality, Pride, Untidiness, Resentment, Vanity and Laziness.


You will keep good health. You may have some gastric and indigestion problems during the year. You are prone to respiratory disorders like asthma. Fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, turnip, lettuce, mushroom are good for them. Take lot of water and fruit juices. Fruit juices will remove toxins from your system and also give you vigour and stamina. Take Noni Juice with lots of water to cleanse the toxins from the human body. Boiled oats with almonds and honey is good for breakfast. Leafy greeny vegetables are good for you. Take warm water and home food. Take home made food as much as possible and avoid outside food. No sweets, ice creams, fatty, oily foods. Take soaked fenugreek early morning in empty stomach. Fasting on Mondays with intake of milk and fruits will give the much need rest to all vital organs. Do not fast on empty stomach the whole day which can lead to acidity and ulcer. Early morning walk of 10 kms daily will keep sugar and cholesterol under control.


Career and Profession 

You will do well in your profession and career. Smooth sailing in your office. Growth in career, promotions, increments and performance bonus. Recovery of arrears and dues can be expected. Change of job will be gainful with increased salary and better designation. Profession will involve lot of travel for some. August and September will be difficult months with lot of challenges to face but you will overcome them with extra effort. Businessmen will be all smiles with good sales, good income, good profit with good margins and payment recovery will also be good. You will have surplus cash in hand. Please save as deposits in banks , post office schemes and one time premium  in LIC.


Finance and property 

Finances will be good with steady income and enough to save for a secure future. Avoid speculation in the stock market. Sale of property in the month of February will give huge gains. Many of you will purchase new vehicles during February. Some will indulge in excessive drinking and other pursuits of pleasure with surplus money in February. Purchase of land & property will prove beneficial as long term investment.



You can expect peace, happiness and joy in the family. Congenial relationships will all  in the office.


  1. Do annadanam as and when possible
  2. Donate to Brahmins on Thursdays
  3. Donate 5kg rice to your servant maid and watchman once a month
  4. Help marry a girl from a poor family
  5. Help a good student in studies from a poverty stricken family

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