Aries horoscope 2017



Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. You are known for fiery zeal and exuberance. You are blessed with leadership qualities and optimism. You are forward looking, dynamic, go getters, pushers, rough, tough and make things happen by hook or crook.
You are prone to spending more and saving less.
Aries match well with Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius and Gemini. Leo is the best as partners in business.  You are loyal in your relationships, trustworthy, sincere, honest and impulsive in making love and expressing love.
Even though you are tough externally, you have a kind heart and are affectionate and loving. However, enemies should beware you because you are ruthless, merciless fighter and always known to win.
The Ruling planet of Aries is Mars and Sun is exalted here and Saturn gets debilitated here. The symbol of Aries is Ram which stands for cheerfulness, carefree attitude, over confidence, combative fighting nature, rash and reckless, rough, tough, tenacious and an attitude or never give up and do or die.
Birth stone :-)  ruby and garnet
Birth colours :-)  red, scarlet, carmine, vermillion
Lucky colours : -) jade green
Lucky day : -) Tuesday and Sunday. Flowers and plants of Aries are geraniums, honeysuckle, cacti, chilies, ginger, garlic, aloe. Best signs for marriage : -)  Leo, Libra and Capricorn
Positive traits of Aries : -)  You are hard working, laborious, courageous, generous, pragmatic, ambitions, inspiration for others, action oriented and charismatic leaders.
Negative traits : -)  Impulsive, lack reasoning and judgments before jumping into action, impatience, imprudence, egoist, selfish, hastiness, recklessness.




You have a strong physical body but you are susceptible to migraine, kidney stones and indigestion. You need to care of your health. You will have to consult a doctor, undergo blood tests and other health check up tests and be on right medications. With medicines from a qualified doctor and right diet control will keep you in good health. Daily morning walk for 10 kms is good for you. Boiled oats with almonds and honey for breakfast and just milk and fruits for dinner is good for you – keep this diet as and when possible. You should take beans; brown rice, lentils, olives, cucumber, spinach, figs, apricot, pumpkins and bananas. Please take green leafy vegetable and fruits. Take noni juice with lots of water to remove the toxins from the system. Some may undergo an operation during August 2017. Health will improve from September 2017.


Career and profession:


This will be a good year for you. You will get success in completing your plans and goals. Customers will be happy. You can expect promotion and higher designation with more responsibilities. The organization will recognize your leadership qualities and give suitable increment. Many can expect performance bonus. Businessmen will see good sales, good profits with good margins. Payments will be satisfactory. Well wishers will come to your help at times of difficulty.


Finance and property :


Finances will be good with steady income to meet all your expenses comfortably. You will have enough money for savings also which should be invested in safe financial instruments like bonds, bank deposits and post office schemes. Some may get inherited property. Arrears and dues will be realized. Transactions in property matter after September will prove beneficial.


Relationships :


You will enjoy support, happiness and joy in the family. However, conjugal life will not be satisfactory from July to November. In office you will get the support and co-operation of your colleagues.


Remedies :


——–>Visit any hanuman temple on Saturdays and offer butter, tulsi, betel leaves and flowers
You can also visit
Nanganallur Anjaneya Temple

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