Taurus horoscope 2017



You are artistic and have love for music. You look for security and comfort in life. You want steadiness in finance and profession and business ventures. You are conservative, conventional and flexible. You look for peace and comfortable association of people surrounding you.


Positive Qualities :


You are social able, emotionally balanced, careful, and cautious, do not act on impulse; take decisions after careful consideration of all aspects. You are dependable and trustworthy.


Negative Qualities:


You are slave to routine, extremely possessive, vindictive, do not forgive, revengeful, stubborn, lack spontaneity, demanding, uncompromising on what they want.




You will enjoy good health during the year. To keep fit and trim, go for daily morning walk for 10 kms to keep control over sugar and cholesterol. Avoid sweets and ice creams. You should be specially careful regarding diabetes. Take green salads and fruits. Fruit juices will help keep vigour and stamina and clean the toxins from the system. Learn and practice patanjali hatha yoga with pranayama. Deeping breathing exercises as per yoga will help you to keep fresh and energetic.


Career and profession:


You can expect smooth sailing in your profession. All projects and projections will be as per schedule. Plans and goals will be achieved. Customers will have nothing to complain and will give positive feedback. Suppliers will be supportive. Higher ups in the management will be all smiles. Businessmen can expect considerable growth, good sales, good profits and good margins. Payments will come comfortably. New ventures can be started. Avoid partnership. Unexpected expenses possible in August and September which will be met easily.


Finance and property :


Steady income and strong finances. Past arrears and dues will be cleared.  Unexpected expenses in August. Windfall gains in the month of February. Save surplus money for the future in safe instruments like government bonds, PPF and LIC schemes. Safety is more important than high returns. Do not trade in stocks especially intraday. Sale of property will yield good profits. Purchase of property will give good returns in the long run.




Relationship will spouse will be dull. Support, love and affection within the family indicated. Well wishers will be supportive at times of need. Congenial relations in office with colleagues, co-workers and encouragement from the management.




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