Libra horoscope 2017



Libra symbol is balancing scales and it is the 7th Sign of the Zodiac. Libra born believe in fairness and justice, harmony, team work, friendly, amiable, attractive, popular, able, trustworthy, good strategists, stubborn, critical, sometimes manipulative, tactful, diplomatic, careful, loving, social, graceful, polite, admirers of beauty, skilful, fair in decision, peaceful, harmonious, easy going.


Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal (= activity)
Characteristics: Airy, Cardinal, Masculine, Positive, Humane
Ruling planet: Venus
Detriment: Mars
Exaltation: Saturn
Fall: Sunday
Symbol: The Scales
The Symbol denotes: Harmony, Justice and a Balanced Nature
Birthstone: Jade, Sapphire, Turquoise, Quartz and White Marble
Birth Colours: Blue, Jade Green
Other Lucky Colours: Pink, Shades of Blue, Pale and Light Green
Lucky Day: Friday
Associated Flowers and Plants: Hydrangeas, Large Roses, Lilies, Violets, All Blue Flowers
Quality Most Needed For Balance: A Sense of Self, Self-Reliance, Independence
Deepest Need: Love, Romance, Social Harmony
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Aquarius
Best Sign/s for Marriage and/or Partnerships:  Aries
Libra Anatomy Corresponds To: The lumber region in general and the kidneys in particular; loins, ovaries and the substance of the kidneys; lumbar vertebrae, just below the ribs; lower back muscles at the top of the pelvic bone; arteries going to the kidney and lower back; veins coming from the kidneys and lower back.
Positive Qualities: Thoughtful, unbiased, graceful, modest, adaptable, persuasive, affectionate, cheerful, sympathetic, generous, tactful and balanced.
Negative Traits: Indecisive, extremist, reckless, hasty, susceptible, aloof, tend to get carried away by others’ opinions.




You will enjoy good health during the year. The foods recommended for you are almonds, peas, brown rice, beetroot, oat meal, strawberries, apples, spinach, raisins, asparagus and corn. Seafood is recommended for which are rich in omega 3.  Avoid sweets, ice creams and starchy foods. Libra rules the kidneys so you should avoid excess sugar, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Daily morning walk of 10 kms to control sugar levels is compulsory. You are prone to diabetes and should take soaked fenugreek early morning in empty stomach. Take plenty of water and as and when possible warm water to improve digestion.  Intake of fruit juices will improve vigour and stamina. Take plenty of green salads.


Career and profession


You will be successful and prosper in career and profession.  You will experience professional growth with promotions/increments/performance bonus. Your talent and skill will be recognized and suitably rewarded. All plans, goals will be achieved. All project and projections will be completed on time. Customers will be all smiles and the management will be encouraging and rewarding. Businessmen will see growth in sales, improved income, good profits with high margins and payments will come easily.


Finance and property


Finances will be strong and you will have surplus cash in hand and advised to put in savings. Do not look for high interest and high returns and prefer safe investments and easy liquidity. Cash flow will be extremely good and you will have enough money to meet all expense. Property can be purchased and sold anytime of the year from January to September 2017. Sale of property during February 2017 will bring windfall gains.




1.    Offer Til Oil to Shani Bhawan on Saturdays
2.    Donate to the physically handicapped on Saturdays
3.    Help a girl from a poor family towards marriage
4.    Do annadanam everyday or as and when possible
5.    Plan a trip to Vaishnavodevi Temple and take the blessings of the most powerful devi – contact us at for more details

6.    HOMAM
Perform Saraswathi Homam to improve your knowledge as knowledge is power and money – please click the link below to get more details