Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for SCORPIO 




Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 in the sign of Scorpio will have a definitely strong impact on you as Saturn will be moving into your 1st house of self and body for approximately 2½ years. These are some general happenings which you can expect.

These Moon sign persons need to work hard and focused on their efforts to accumulate money. Your self-confidence may be low during this period. You have to strengthen your independence to accomplish your goals in your livelihood. You will be drawn more towards spirituality and this gives you clarity and peace of mind. You may enter into a new venture during this transit period.  Your self-confidence reduces, and you may witness difficulties to enhance it.  You need to concentrate on your health aspects during this period. Avoid stress and tension. Working for long period or neglecting breaks at work will make you to feel tired and also makes your energy level down.  If you involve yourselves in meditation or yoga you may be able to keep away your stress and tensions. Those in the field of communication will find better results. You may witness obstacles in your work, and you have the skill and ability to overcome from that. Your determination allows you to complete your tasks. Try to avoid postponing your work. You may be making unwanted expenses and spend money lavishly. You will force to borrow money for your spending. You receive support from your family, especially from your mother. Students will be able to witness success in their exams only if they work hard. You have thought to invest in property or improve property you already own. You will find hard to focus on your work and drop due to lethargic attitudes.  You may suffer due to relationship issues. Those around you may be in better spirits than you. You may have to be more alert to avoid misunderstandings with others. You do not pay attention to your health and fitness, and you may witness stomach, skin or headache related issues.  Your hard work pays off for you in your career. You receive some much unexpected gains from a very unlikely source.  You should remove your negative thoughts from your mind in order to witness success in your life. Don’t lend any money to any one you may find hard to get back it and this will make you frustrated. You will have discipline for spiritual practices that help develop your concentration. You may feel that you are attacked with negative influences.  Expenses to support your fitness will be a good to help protect your health. You explore interests in occult or mind related subjects, and this is beneficial for you.

Remedies Recommended:

  1. Lakshmi Kubera Homa
  2. Durga or Prithyangara Devi Homa
  3. Subramanya Homa
  4. Homa for Lord Rahu