Vaibhava Lakshmi Yagna


The Goddess of Riches Rises on Lakshmi Jayanthi

Vedic believers know that Goddess Mahalakshmi appears in eight forms bestowing her devotees with different types of wealth.

These eight facets are Adilaksmi (first goddess), Dhanyalakshmi (foodgrains), Dhairyalakshmi (for courage), Gajalakshmi (seen with elephants that are symbols of supreme wealth), Santanalakshmi (for progeny), Vijayalakshmi (success or victory), Vidyalakshmi (knowledge), Dhanalakshmi (monetary gains).

The very name Maha Lakshmi signifies wealth, prosperity and material pleasures. A ritual in her name brings all these assets into our homes and uplifts life to a great extent. Vaibhava Lakshmi is one of the manifestations of the goddess who has eight aspects to her credit each denoting a particular type of wealth.

An obeisance to Goddess Vaibhava Lakshmi is so powerful and shows immediate results that it has become so popular among the masses. The day starts with a vratam or fasting and certain methods are followed that are strictly observed.

The fasting is mainly undertaken for 11, 21 or 51 Fridays and a single day finishes with a ceremony or puja in the evening by the devotee. Vaibhava Lakshmi puja grants the devotee more than he/she asks for and it never gives room to want more because the person is easily satisfied with everything in life.

A yagna or homam in the goddess’ name is equivalent to invoking the blessings of all eight aspects.




The Vaibhava Lakshmi Homam bestows its worshipper with all types of wealth on par with the eight aspects of Goddess Mahalakshmi. One gets all comforts like wealth, education, courage, surplus food, gift of progeny etc. The yagna brings success to all hard working and committed people who worship sincerely.  In the hymns of Rig Veda, Sree Suktam is a hymn devoted to the goddess.  During the festival of Diwali, she is widely honoured and venerated.

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Vedicfolks is performing the Vaibhava Lakshmi homam on 12th March, 2017 on the occasion of Lakshmi Jayanthi, the day the goddess of luxury manifested. The day marks the emergence of the goddess from the ocean when the gods and demons once began churning it. As she rose, seated on a dew soaked lotus, dressed in red, decked in fine jewellery, pristine and glorious, she was the very personification of abundance, affluence and auspiciousness.

As she emerged, there was joy all around, the earth heaved a sigh of relief and the elixir of life began to flow everywhere.  The gods welcomed her with excitement, the demons sang her glory and the elephants consecrated her with life sustaining water.




The yantra puja is very relevant for this yagna. The Sri Yantra is a sacred instrument formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central point, the junction point between the physical universe and its obscure source. It is square shaped foil made of metals like copper, silver, gold or bronze and possesses strong protecting powers.

Mahameru yantra bestows health, wealth and harmony. One is fortunate to possess this mighty artefact to achieve good fortune, fame and authority. It removes bad effects of Vasthu and also liberates the worshipper from the cycle of life and death.

Vedicfolks offers these special yantras on the occasion of Lakshmi Jayanthi for all its special customers who perform the yagna.




  • Removes all types of obstacles.
  • Stay blessed with happiness and peace.
  • Multiplies your wealth and resources.
  • Attain spiritual enlightenment.
  • Solves problems regarding marriages.
  • Business tensions are reduced.
  • Find relief to problems with children.
  • Regain all types of lost wealth.


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